Marathi Abhimaan Geet by ZenAge Studios launched as iPhone App

Posted by pooja.vohra on May 4, 2010

ZenAge Studios has achieved another feat by successfully launching official iPhone App of Marathi Abhimaan Geet at iTunes store.

Amitabh Bachchan himself has appreciated it in conversation with music director of this song Kaushal S. Inamdar. “You have brought so many singers together in one song in such a beautiful way. How you could do it? You have done a marvelous job.”

It is probably the biggest song in the world, with amazing statistics-

3 Cities
10 Studios
13 Sound Engineers
65 Musicians
112 Established Singers
356 Chorus Singers
2000 People who pledged active support.

Conceptualized in 2005 at a Mumbai Festival to start a sane movement for Marathi as a language that had to spring from the common-folk. All the Marathi speaking people were invited to come together and stand together to sow seeds of self-respect among the Marathi speaking people themselves. As a movement, it involved participation of thousands of people who have contributed to participate in this movement for Marathi.

Mobile application of song is launching on 50th Anniversary of Maharashtra, on the Maharashtra Day. Great experience is delivered through this app in Marathi Language -

1. Manogat – Audio recording by music director Kaushal Inamdar created exclusively for this iPhone App.

2. Mayaboli – Text of the poem by Kavivarya Suresh Bhat.

3. Marathi Abhimaan Geet Audio and complete listing of singers. Featuring singers like Shankar Mahadevan and Hariharan.

4. Instrumental version Audio and complete listing of all artists.

5. Exclusive photographs taken during the making of this song.

6. Facebook Connect to express your thoughts right from within the App.

And much more. A MUST HAVE App not only for Marathi speakers but for all who love their own mother-tongue language.

In Music Director Kaushal’s words this app is a great compliment that we have paid to the song. Vocal, instrumental versions, behind the scene photos, lyrics and an exclusive audio Manogat recorded just for this app. Great collectors item and a must-have app for music lovers.

The Marathi Abhiman Geet – World Map Google Application is also launched. Put your name & comments on world map if you have listened to this mega song which has been recorded by hundreds of singers!!

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