iPad for businesses — A whole new ball-game

Posted by avijit.bajpai on November 24, 2010

Apple’s blockbuster tablet computing gizmo, dubbed as iPad, has already been creating waves among technology enthusiasts. The revolutionary gadget has found its way to more than three million hands since it made its debut last summer. It has changed the way people carry their entertainment options.

However, during its initial phases, a majority of industry experts claimed that the device would remain confine to entertainment only, and pose scepticism about its utility in the business domains. But all their assumptions and doubts went wrong over the time. Today a number of notable business groups are embracing iPads to change the way they do business. Among them, automobile giant Hyundai stands as the forerunner. Back in April, the automaker bundled the iPad free with its luxury sedan Equus for a limited period. The free iPad included company’s user-manual among other stuffs. Quite an interactive way of communicating with customers, isn’t it. Not only this, there’s a budget airline, named Jetstar Airways, using the device for in-flight entertainment. Travelers have to pay $10 as rent for this though.

Along with these, there are several other businesses that are either adopting, or planning to bring in iPad within their organizational framework. What’s there in iPad that is grabbing the eyeballs of entrepreneurs? Is it the popular “cool-quotient” you can always associate with the Apple products? Or, the device is really that useful? Well, let’s figure it out.

The foremost reason business people are preferring iPads over laptops is its light-weight. iPad weighs considerably less than laptops. People traveling for conventions and workshops find the iPad extremely useful. As these events have networking as their prime purpose, people can’t sit glued to their laptops. This is where iPad comes very handy.

Along with its light-weight attribute, the size of the device too make the businessmen tick it. It’s about the size of a magazine and can easily be slipped into small bags. The size further makes it easier for people to work with it while on the go. They  can check data, analyze statistics, read business magazines, or whatever they are pleased to do. Spreadsheets and word applications of the iPad further add to its appeal for the business people.

Sales professionals who travel frequently to client offices to give presentations also find iPad a useful gadget. In addition to these, there are several other things an iPad can do to simplify the way professionals perform their daily business chores. There’s absolutely no need to lug around with all the required stuffs, like newspapers, magazines, documents, etc that you carry in your briefcase when you have iPad for your rescue.

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